Prayer Against Oppression

There are several types of oppression. I like to define oppression as anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, helpless, or under the grip of a demon. Prayers for oppression might assist you in overcoming this actual phenomenon of spiritual captivity. 

You’re likely experiencing emotional, mental, or physical oppression. In either case, there is hope for you because Jesus Christ overcame the devil and gave you the strength and control you need to triumph over any spiritual repression. This prayer against oppression is intense, authentic, and usable daily.

You don’t have to condone oppression because it is not a part of God, nor should you accept it in your life. In this prayer against oppression, we will use the name of Jesus and urge all forms of oppression to vanish, utilizing scripture to support our assertions and confessions. 

What is oppression?

Applying force against another person’s will is referred to as oppression. The main oppressor of humankind is the devil. In the same way that the devil is oppressing every sinner, the demon is also persecuting many Christians. The Bible encourages us to oppose the devil, and prayer is the only practical way. 

You will unquestionably be delivered from the devil’s sway by faith-driven prayers. A righteous man’s powerful, heartfelt prayer is very effective. If the devil is oppressing you, get down on your knees and pray. 

Do not allow the devil to manipulate you; instead, get up and use prayer to win over your enemies. 

You will be guided as you pray your way from being oppressed to the oppressor through these prayers against oppression. God has raised us from the status of the oppressed to that of the oppressors, making us more than conquests. We must realize that when we pray, the devil’s hold on our lives is typically loosened. I’m not sure what part of your life God needs to impact. I implore you to pray fervently and to hope for a miracle in your life right now.

Prayer against oppression 

Prayer Against Oppression

  • Prayer for freedom from oppression 

First and foremost, we begin by giving thanks to our maker.  Father God, thank you for waking me up today. Father God, thank you for letting me glimpse the light of a brand-new day. Father God, you could have allowed me to pass away and be resting in my grave, but you decided that I should live. And for that, I’m grateful. I thank you, Father, for the authority that comes from and rests on the name of Jesus. 

Thank you, Father God, for allowing me to cast out oppression. To be capable of casting out the adversary, demons, and devils and to exert dominion over any demonic spirit that could be attempting to obstruct my life. In the name of Jesus, I release any oppressive demons from my body. In the great name of Jesus Christ, I ask Father God for the domineering spirit to burn up and be cast into the bottomless pit. 

Father, I command and proclaim that you will drive away any spirits that try to harass me. I ask that you give me the courage to act in your name and govern the day and the night. In the name of Jesus, I ask you, Father God, to remove oppression from my life. 

I command and request that you remove oppression from my life. I ask that you make me whole, restore me, and put my life’s broken parts back together. In the name of Jesus, I announce that I immediately strip the forces that will oppress me of all authority. In the name of Jesus Christ, I give the command for oppression to now depart from my life. 

I denounce and send out any poverty demons that try to afflict me in the name of Jesus. I proclaimed with Ecclesiastes 7:7, and, in the name of Jesus, I rebuked all demons of insanity and confusion that would attempt to rule over my mind. 

We have been given a spirit of love, strength, and sound mind by your word, Father God. Not a fearful heart! I thank you for giving me a sound mind, Lord God. I ask you to provide me with the ability to have positive thoughts. I plead for good ideas. In the name of Jesus Christ, I ask that all oppressive thoughts, visions, and actions cease immediately.

  • Spiritual Oppression Prayer

Thank you, Lord God, for being there for me. In the name of Jesus, I implore the Lord to cast out all oppressive spirits, to constrict and crush all oppressive spirits, and to set all sorcerous souls on fire. As said in Psalms 9:9, I declare that the Lord is a shield from the oppressor. I thank you, Father God, for being my strength, my refuge, and my protection against the oppressor and the enemy and for ensuring that nothing will ever harm me.

In the name of Jesus, I proclaim that you, Father God, will rescue me from evil, safeguard me from the oppressor, and protect me from the deadly adversaries who will surround me. I ask God to deliver me from the shackles of oppressive spirits. I command any spirits that are observing my life to leave! 

Father God, I ask that you reveal what I should remove from my house, what movies I should avoid, what I should stop listening to and viewing, and anything else that might have a bad influence there. Show it to me, Holy Spirit, so I can eliminate them!

In the name of Jesus, Lord God, send protective forces over my house, my family, my life, my mind, my body, and my soul. I implore the Almighty to sever my oppressors. 

I issue a decree and a declaration in agreement with Psalms 107:39, and in the name of Jesus, I condemn and cast out any spirits of suffering, grief, or anything aiming to make me feel low. Father God, I pray you will not abandon me to my oppressors. Father God, I fervently ask that every gate of oppression be shut. I pray that no gates be left open that could let obstacles into my life. Father God, I thank you for upholding my righteousness and freeing me from oppression. 

May oppression no longer have an impact on my life. May the area of pressure begin to bring me joy and happiness. I implore the Almighty to chastise my oppressors. Thank you, God; you are unstoppable! Whatever you rebuke must surrender to the name of Jesus Christ. Lord Jesus, Father God, thank you for not abandoning me to the plots and intents of my oppressors. 

Psalms 54:3 reminds me of my declaration. Hallelujah, Lord God, you are liberating me from the oppressor who wants to take my soul. I thank the Lord God for steering my ship and being the captain of my spirit. Thank you for controlling both life and death as well as the oppressor’s mind and for protecting me from oppression.



You can recite this prayer every day in the mornings, afternoons, evenings, and whenever you feel the need. This prayer for oppression will show you how to break your complicity with pressure and destroy any oppressive strongholds attempting to harm or obstruct you in the name of Jesus.


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