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Signs the Holy Spirit Has Left You

When the Holy Spirit leaves, He does so silently and without leaving any trace. Even after He has gone, you could keep preaching, prophesying, speaking in tongues, and seeing visions. No ability to read the Bible, pray, serve God, or lead a holy life, are some of what you experience when you’ve lost God in you. This article will elaborate more on the signs that prove that the Holy Spirit has left you.

The complete absence of God from your mind, thoughts, heart, spirit, and soul is one of the most prominent pieces of evidence that the Holy Spirit has left you. You wouldn’t sense Him tugging at your emotions if He didn’t genuinely care about you. 

Saul walked with God because God had anointed him. But the Lord’s Spirit turned away from Saul out of greed and resentment and went to David. Even though Saul was entirely naked, he had the impression that Heaven was still with him. Many Christians, especially Gospel preachers, were left without the Holy Spirit’s attention regarding sin. We continue to worship and exercise our spiritual gifts without the Holy Spirit. Even though God isn’t going with you, you can still walk in your gifts since the gifts do not require calling or repentance.

The spirit of Christ

A Christian is someone who possesses the Spirit of Christ. If the Spirit of God truly resides inside you, as stated in Romans 8:9, you are not in the physical but are in the Spirit. Those who lack the Spirit of Christ are not his followers. Without the Holy Spirit, no one qualifies as a Christian.

Being filled with the Spirit is a state or quality of Spirit empowerment that might vary in intensity.

As an illustration, Acts 4:31 states that after the Christians assembled for prayer, “the place of their gathering was startled, and the Holy Spirit came upon them, and they began to proclaim the word of God with confidence.” We are, therefore, more ready, liberated, and bold in our witness to Christ as a result of this unique, precious, extraordinary, intense, rare occurrence of being filled with the Holy Spirit.


Signs the Holy Spirit Has Left You

The following are some signs that the Holy Spirit has left you:

  1. There Will Be No More Conviction 

If you no longer feel the conviction you once had when you sin, which can lead to deliberate transgression, that is one sign that the Holy Spirit has deserted you. As a result, even if another Christian attempts to confront you about your sinful behavior, it will be of little importance to you because you will already be engaged in your evil acts.

The Holy Spirit is responsible for convicting us of our sins and serving as a watchman to prevent us from sinning; however, when we do, the Holy Spirit is there to assist us. If your watchman is absent, you will have nothing to caution you that you have committed a sin and should seek forgiveness, so you will tend to sin without suffering repercussions. 

  1. Your life doesn’t bear any spiritual fruits

Signs the Holy Spirit Has Left You

The absence of the nine fruits of the Spirit listed in Galatians 5:22-23 in the life of an individual or a believer who has turned back to sin is another sign that the Holy Spirit has left a person.

Instead, the deeds of the flesh, as outlined in Galatians 5:19–21, will manifest in your life because a new spirit has taken charge of your life, causing you to abide by the sinful desires of your filthy flesh. It is because there won’t be the Holy Spirit who helps believers walk in the Spirit and resist satisfying their flesh’s lustful, sinful desires. 

  1. Evidence of the Flesh’s Works 

Suppose God’s Spirit is no longer active in your life to encourage you to walk in Christ rather than the flesh. Because of this, you will now commit several sins you never committed, such as sexual immorality, excessive drinking, dispute, lust, and others. 

You cannot defeat the works of the flesh on your own; you can only do so by the work of the Holy Spirit. If the Holy Spirit has departed from you as a consequence of your sin, you will not be able to live a godly life free from sin.

  1. God’s Presence Not Existing 

If the Holy Spirit leaves your life, you will also lose God’s presence since God’s Spirit is what draws God into the lives of believers. God’s presence, like the Holy Spirit, cannot endure sin; therefore, when God’s presence departs from a person due to corruption in that person’s life, the Holy Spirit will also leave. 

  1. No longer shows any interest in the Bible

Reading God’s word will no longer be fascinating to someone who has lost the Holy Spirit because it will become dull and uninteresting to them. As Romans 8:8 so brilliantly puts it, if the Holy Spirit is no longer active in your Christian walk, you will be increasingly drawn to the ordinary things of this world, which serve the flesh rather than God. 

  1. The Truth Isn’t Appreciated Anymore 

The Spirit of Truth, which Jesus Christ offered to give to us in John 16:13, will guide us into all truth and shield every Christian from the deceit of false teaching, which is rampant in many churches today. You will start to find the false declaration you previously detested interesting if the Holy Spirit, responsible for the truth that the Lord Jesus Christ speaks of and protects every true believer from deceit, is no longer present in your life. 

  1. Lose interest in praying

One of the most important pillars of every Christian is prayer because it is through prayer that you can fight and win spiritual battles and advance spiritually as a Christian. However, if the Holy Spirit is no longer a part of your life, you will find prayer burdensome and lose its beauty. You won’t be able to pray for an hour every day if the Holy Spirit is no longer present to encourage you. 

  1. No desire to interact with Christians of other faiths 

You won’t want to get together and fellowship with other Believers if the Holy Spirit isn’t present in your life because you won’t see any benefit to doing so. If the Holy Spirit is no longer active in your life to help you become aware of your sin, you will also come to love sin. 

Since the Holy Spirit is holy and despises sin, you cannot want to sin while the Holy Spirit is in your life. If God’s Spirit, which the Lord Jesus Christ implants in you when you are genuinely redeemed and makes you detest sin and adore righteousness, is no longer in your life, it will cause you to sin and despise holiness.


These are the signs that the Holy Spirit has left you, and it simply takes humility to admit that you have sinned. Check yourself every day because the Holy Spirit ties us to God, and if you don’t have Him, you have no link to Heaven. Even if you preach, serve, give, tithe, prophesy, or speak in tongues, if the Holy Spirit has left you, you have no connection to Heaven; instead, you have a link to Hell.

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