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What Does the Holy Spirit Desire?

An excellent and robust aspect of who God is is the Holy Spirit. To become the people God intended us to be, we need Him in our lives as a guardian. And because of His strength, we can receive assistance in any circumstance. We are helpless without Him. It is unrealistic to believe that the Holy Spirit comes after the Father and the Son. They coexist peacefully and on an equal level. The Holy Spirit will come and dwell in us as believers, Jesus said before ascending to heaven. With that, He gives us the ability to live gloriously for the sake of Christ and the glory of the father.

The Holy Spirit is a companion. He is thinking about us a lot. He fervently longs for our love to be focused on Him as well. He wants to possess us entirely. The Holy Spirit feels betrayed when we act and speak like unbelievers and devote our time to worldly interests. He has divine resentment for the worldliness that has taken His place in our lives. And He is driven by a holy enviousness to see things restored to their proper order.

The work of the Holy Spirit 

The first thing he bestows on you is power. Greater capacity to accomplish and be things than you would ever imagine! Acts 1:8 states that when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, you will be filled with power. You’ll serve as my witnesses and spread the word about me everywhere, including in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the world’s far ends.

You can stand firm for the things of God because of the power that the Holy Spirit bestows. The Bible records that Peter, who had three times denied Jesus 2 months before, stood in front of a gathering just after receiving the Holy Spirit, and over 3,000 people accepted Jesus.

The Holy Spirit also desires to bestow upon us SPIRITUAL GIFTS. The list of spiritual gifts is found in 1 Corinthians 12:8–11; some of the gifts listed therein include wisdom, divination, discernment, and healing. Although these gifts first originated more than 2000 years ago, they still can exist in our own lives now. I have witnessed these gifts in action through my own experience and that of others. Each time they manifest, they have blessed the gift’s receiver personally and exalted God in the process.

Jesus knew that his disciples would require strength to serve as witnesses to the world –. But you will have power when the Holy Spirit descends upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem; throughout all of Judea and Samaria, as well as to the ends of the earth, Jesus assured his disciples. (Acts 1:8). As the apostle Paul explained in his letter to the believers in Ephesus, Christians have accessibility to the strength, knowledge, and wisdom that come from the Holy Spirit.

What Does the Holy Spirit Desire?

What Does the Holy Spirit Desire

Jesus promised His disciples that He would not abandon them when He was about to go to the Father. He would send a companion of the same kind as He was. That is the Holy Spirit. “However, I’m being honest with you. I’m leaving for your good because if I stay here, the Counselor won’t come to you. If I go, I’ll send Him your way. (John 16:7).

Jesus saw the Holy Spirit’s need to dwell and abide in believers. Unfortunately, a lot of Christians go through life oblivious to the Spirit. However, without the assistance of the Spirit, it is impossible to live the life that Jesus desires for us to live. 

The following are what the Holy Spirit asks of us:

  1. The Holy Spirit desires us to serve as His witnesses. 

Giving us the strength and confidence to be genuine witnesses of Jesus Christ is one of the purposes for which the Holy Spirit was sent. However, once the Holy Spirit has descended upon you, you will possess supernatural strength and serve as My witnesses. (Acts 1:8). Many people feel unprepared or are scared to talk about Jesus. You can testify to how God saved you if you’ve been saved. To have confidence, you must have the Holy Spirit. If you pray for someone ill, you need the power to do so. How can we be effective witnesses for Jesus if we neglect the Holy Spirit?

  1. The Holy Spirit wants us to praise God. 

As Christians, we have the honor of being able to approach God’s throne through worship. Sadly, a lot of individuals find worshiping God boring or uninteresting. True worship is supernatural, so it can only be done with the aid of the Holy Spirit. But a day will come—indeed, it has already come—when the genuine worshipers will offer up a spirit-filled, sincere act of adoration to the Father. Yes, the Father desires that such individuals adore Him. Request the assistance of the Holy Spirit in your worship if you wish to experience actual communion with God, sense His presence, and become lost in it.

  1. The Holy Spirit desires that we fulfill our mission. 

The Holy Spirit can anoint us for our purpose as one of its duties. Spiritual empowerment to carry out God’s will is anointing. It can be a blessing in any field, including business, medicine, and ministry. The anointing guarantees success. The Spirit’s anointing strengthened Jesus’ ministry. He was The Anointed! Because the Lord has anointed me, the Spirit of the Lord God is upon me; see Isaiah 61:1. God has called you, just as He did with Jesus. Do you know the purpose for which God has anointed you? Your anointing will be revealed as you discover your purpose.

  1. The Holy Spirit desires that we be endowed with our supernatural abilities and equips us to be of service.

Christian living is a supernatural life. The Holy Spirit has endowed each believer with a supernatural gift. You have received a spiritual, paranormal manifestation from the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit also gives us the ability to serve. It indicates that he makes it possible for us to fulfill our calling. We can see the Holy Spirit’s enabling influence on the lives of Joshua, Saul, David, and many others in the Old Testament, allowing them to fulfill their callings. We learn from the New Testament that he gave Jesus’ earthly ministry, the early disciples, and the gospel message their strength.

Our natural capabilities can be strengthened and empowered by the Holy Spirit to serve a specific activity or purpose better. It reveals how God can work through common, unexceptional, and even outcast elements of society, which I am personally grateful for. As an illustration, Acts 4:13 describes Peter and John as “unschooled, ordinary men,” yet God powerfully intervened in their lives. Peter and John are two of the most significant men in church history.


The Holy Spirit takes action in our lives by revealing the presence of Jesus, transforming us into more of Jesus, aiding in our understanding of Scripture, calling us to work, equipping us for service and evangelism, assisting us in prayer, directing us, and bestowing spiritual gifts. Instead of ignoring the Holy Spirit, let’s learn to effectively walk with him by embracing his characteristics and who he is as a member of the Trinity.


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