What Does the Smell of Garlic Mean Spiritually?

Garlic is an aromatic herb quite renowned for its amazing taste and is used in cooking several varieties of meals. Right from ancient times, garlic has been used in preparing meals and is especially appreciated for the numerous nutrients it contains. Asides from being able to transform ordinary meals into tasty ones, garlic was used for treating certain minor infections relating to the respiratory and digestive organs in the body. Such was possible because garlic was believed to have healing components. 

The smell of garlic is spiritually interpreted as protection from the plans and actions of evil forces. It could also be a fragrance to keep evil powers at bay and away from your life. The smell of garlic may seem ordinary, but it has spiritual and biblical significance. 

What Does Garlic Represent? 

Garlic, as a plant, represents various things in the different aspects of life with which it is associated. For chefs and culinary experts, garlic gives off an intense and complex flavor and is often used to add depth and complexity to regular meals. Chefs associate the plant with strength and potency based on its strong impact and intense feel in dishes. In describing personalities and attitudes, garlic metaphorically means people who have a strong presence and are sure to have definite impressions in the minds and lives of others. 

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Garlic is also important to medical practitioners and healers as it contains medicinal and therapeutic properties. In addition to its healing properties, garlic has natural elements which strengthen the immune system and help to prevent infections. Garlic represents healthy living and an ability to keep illnesses away. Culturally, garlic signifies prosperity, goodness, and protection from bad and harmful spirits. We see such in the stories passed down through the oral tradition of various cultures of hanging garlic on doorposts to ward off bad energy. 

In some other cultures, garlic is the symbol of fertility, childbirth, and abundance. There is also the cultural representation that associates garlic with vampires giving it the ability to repel them and other supernatural beings. Interestingly, garlic represents importance and usefulness as most of its parts play vital roles either within the body or outside it. For instance, only its aroma can be used to chase supernatural beings, while its components can be chopped and added to stews or soups. 

What Does the Smell of Garlic Mean Spiritually?

The spiritual representation of garlic varies based on the different religions and worldviews. To this end, the plant is sometimes considered the food of deities and gods, which would function as a supernatural energizer when consumed by humans. It is also seen as an attempt to get closer to the gods as it expands your mind and stretches it beyond the regular human borders. So inhaling garlic can quickly open your chakra and connect with the spirit realm. 

What Does The Smell of Garlic Mean Spiritually

To Buddhists, the smell of garlic holds no special significance. It is strictly avoided since it is believed to have stimulating properties that can alter the regular workings of the mind. Taoists and numerous Chinese people believe garlic is a potent protection herb against supernatural forces. As a result, they hang garlic in their houses and temples or sometimes wear them to keep evil spirits and negative energy away. 

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Also, people deep in voodoo and dark magic practices revere garlic as they consider it a potent component in any major spell, charm, potion, or ritual. Protection charms and potions made by such persons often contain garlic due to its protective ability. It is also heavily utilized during cleansing and spiritual purification rituals due to its power to prevent evil influences. 

Biblical Meaning of the Smell of Garlic

Even though there are no explicit mentions of the smell of garlic in the Bible, we can still deduce certain representations the Scriptures present about the smell of garlic. The first mention of smell in the Bible was in Leviticus, where God instructed Moses on how offerings should be made in the Tabernacle. In Leviticus 2:2, the Bible says,

“and he shall bring it to Aaron’s sons the priests: and he shall take thereout his handful of the flour thereof, and of the oil thereof, with all the frankincense thereof; and the priest shall burn the memorial of it upon the altar, to be an offering made by fire, of a sweet savor unto the LORD:” 

From the above verse, we can see aroma’s role as an offering to signify devotion and service to God. Similarly, the smell of garlic can mean our spiritual sacrifice and dedication to God. It is also a reminder that our lives, words, and actions are all part of something bigger, fulfilling heaven’s desire here on earth. 

Also, the smell of garlic can mean purification, cleansing, and freedom from bondage and sorrow. According to Exodus 3, where God appeared to Moses, instructing him to free the Israelites, God also gave instructions concerning the feast of Passover. One such instruction was that the Israelites eat unleavened bread and butter herbs in preparation for their departure from Egypt. Although garlic was not mentioned, it was at that time regarded as a bitter herb. So the smell of garlic signifies freedom from the bondage of sin, which Egypt represented to the Israelites. 

Garlic Smelling  Dream Meaning 

When you dream about smelling garlic, it signifies that something unexpected is about to happen to you. Interestingly, the random event may be negative or positive, but it would leave a lasting mark. It could also mean something from your past is haunting you. This past event could be a well-kept secret that prevented you from taking certain steps or deciding about important issues. 

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For someone who just got out of a relationship, dreaming of smelling garlic means that your heart is lonely and desires companionship. It could also mean that it is time to reconnect with someone around you romantically. If you dream of buying garlic, you should be careful with whom you share secrets and sensitive information. It also means that you should be wary of any stranger trying to become close friends with you. 

If you dream of eating garlic, it signifies you are not at your best physically and medically. It may also be to warn you of an impending illness or that someone close to you harbors evil thoughts against you. Cooking garlic in a dream indicates that your good heart towards others is being noticed and will be rewarded in due time. It may also signify that there are life-changing opportunities close to you. 

Final Thoughts

Garlic has, over many decades, been used in preparing meals due to its strong taste and feel. It has been employed in treating sick people and administering herbal relief to people due to its medicinal properties. Aside from its physical relevance, garlic also has spiritual significance in various religions and world cultures. It is believed to be capable of repelling evil spirits and negative energy. The smell of garlic signifies an open chakra or heart ready to interact with spiritual realities. Smelling garlic can also biblically mean purity, cleansing, and freedom from bondage. So the next time you dream of smelling garlic, try to find its meaning before panicking. 


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