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What Is a Spirit Baby?

The concept of spirituality is deeper than what the ordinary eyes can see or understand. One of those concepts is the idea of spirit babies. These are real-life stories and not myths when you open your eyes.

A spirit baby refers to the soul of a child on his way to the world. Since they are yet to have physical manifestations, the unborn child’s souls hover around the world. Not everyone believes in their existence, but they do.

To get a full grasp of the concept of a spirit baby, how to identify and what the Bible says about them, Read on.

What Is a Spirit Baby?

A Spirit Baby is the soul of a child who isn’t in the Physical world. They are spiritual beings with a unique and innovative purpose and identity. These spirit babies are creative and have strange energy around them.

Some examples of spirit babies are those children lost through miscarriages or abortions. Moreover, despite not being able to connect with the physical world, they still find a way to connect with their mothers. Our connection with spirit babies is complicated, especially to people weak in the spirit.

Some parents can see their spirit babies in the dream, while others communicate with them through hypnosis. Even with these avenues, the baby will have to feel your positive energy before opening channels of connection with you.

What the Bible Says About A Spirit Baby? 

There is no direct reference to spirit babies in the scriptures. What the Bible talks about are spiritual babies. In the Bible, people who are immature in their relationship with Christ are known as spiritual babies. 

In 1 Corinthians 3:1-4, Paul calls some of his followers carnal because they are acting immature spiritually. He saw that they had regressed spiritually and didn’t have control over themselves. His opinion is that they lack experience and knowledge when it comes to spiritual matters and the ways of God. 

Furthermore, in Ephesians 4:14-15, Paul talks about spiritual babies and how they are unstable in their ways. This ‘child,’ as he calls them, is easily tricked and deceived. Someone who has matured in spirit can’t be called a spiritual baby. This is because people who are not babies in the spirit cannot fall for false teachings. He advises spiritual babies to pray for more strength. He said only through the Holy Spirit can these baby Christians grow.

Another verse that talks about spiritual babies is Hebrews 5:12-14. Here, Jesus’ followers were advised to get off their starting point and start acting maturely. The Apostle was saying that baby Christians can’t be useful unless they grow. It falls as an important part of growth for a Christian to grow in the way of the lord. The only way to become mature in the spirit is to take action and show the fruits of the Holy Spirit.

If you also read 1 Peter 1:22-25, the phrase born again was used repeatedly by Apostle Paul. His opinion was that unless believers become born again, they will continue to be spiritual babies. His admonition was that people should be born again by the spirit and read the word of God.

How To Identify a Spirit Baby

To understand the nature of spirit babies, here are some ideas :

Spiritual Essence

A spirit baby is a celestial being that can’t be seen with your physical eyes. However, they know what goes around them and can sense people’s aura. These are usually the souls of future babies who are expected on Earth.

Pre-incarnation State

These spirit babies exist before their physical manifestations. They reside in a spiritual realm or plane outside the world. They float across these plans, waiting for a physical body to enter. Furthermore, they aim to experience life on earth as destined by the creator.

What Is a Spirit Baby

Consciousness and Awareness

A spirit baby is aware of things around him physically and spiritually. These babies are sentient entities who can grow and communicate spiritually. They are capable of sensing all energies around them.


All spirit babies have unique personalities and spiritual paths. These are distinct souls with different tendencies and behavioral features. Their purpose and existence differ based on God’s directive.

Connection to Parents

These entities are clear about the parents they want to bring to the world. They have a kind of soul agreement with their to-be Mother before they enter the physical world. Each spirit babies have their way of communicating with their parents.

Communication Channel

These babies can talk with their parents via several methods. These include:

  • Sighs
  • Telepathy
  • Hypnosis
  • Use of Mediums
  • Dreams
  • Synchronicities

Their communication is for special purposes like reassurance, guidance, and insights.

Signs Your Spirit Baby is Answering You

Here are some signs that a spirit baby wants to communicate with you :

You sense a spiritual presence

For many pregnant women, sometimes they feel a soul is close by. They are blessed with that intuition when a spirit would like to talk to them. Occasionally, it is through dreams, visions, and other spiritual channels which are only seen by the mother.


This is when there are various coincidences related to having a child. These sometimes happen in repeated patterns where a spirit baby is signaling to you. If you aren’t sure, you can feel unique signs that your child wants to treat you.

Strange sensations

Many women have reported having strange sensations in their wombs. Occasionally, it could be like a baby is walking around your abdomen or a strange energy in your stomach.

Communication Attempts

Some ladies might feel they are getting telepathic thoughts from their unborn children. There is a sense of inner dialogue between the child and parents in a spiritual manner.

Why A Soul Spirit Might Choose You

Soul spirits don’t choose parents randomly. Here are some reasons why they may choose you :

Soul Connection 

A spirit baby may have a soul connection or an existing relationship with you. This is possible if they know you in their past life. They could have been your friends or members of your family before. Moreover, their soul might like your aura and move close to you. 

Vibration Resonance 

Occasionally, these spirit babies are drawn to someone’s vibrational frequency. They may love your positive energy and spiritual vibration. A spirit baby may also share parts of your life and spiritual belief system. 

Life Lessons 

Your spirit baby may want to teach you a life lesson. This is because there might be lessons you need to learn to grow spiritually. If a spirit body wants you to draft in a particular family, it will choose you. 

Compatibility and Harmony 

The choice might be because they want to establish a bond with you. Moreover, their aura and energy might be compatible with yours. If a spirit baby’s nature aligns with an individual, they might choose her. 

Soul Agreements 

Occasionally, there might be a pre-existing soul agreement between you and the baby. Although you might have forgotten such contracts, spirit babies don’t. This is common among families with a history of sorcery, spiritualism, and divinity. 


A spirit baby remains an entity that stays in a spiritual realm waiting to enter the world. This spirit has certain unique features which make it special. It tries to form a bond with its parents. However, these parents must create the right environment to communicate with. There is no mention of spirit babies in the Bible. What you will find are spiritual babies. These are immature Christians who need to grow.

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