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Can a Christian Wife Save Her Husband?

A Christian wife is a woman who believes in the existence, words, and teachings of  Jesus Christ. She is a married lady with clear priorities, one who has made holiness the centre of her life and carries that focus into every relationship, including marriage. The first step toward becoming a Christian wife is to submit to Jesus’  lordship.

A Christian lady approaches marriage in a different way than a worldly woman. She aspires to be a Christian woman for her Lord and a wonderful wife for her husband. It is of utmost importance for a wife to be conscious that her husband is not a woman and hence won’t reason like a woman. She must recognize that his needs are different from hers and consciously try to satisfy them whenever possible.

Can a Christian Wife Save Her Husband?

As a Christian, living in peaceful harmony with a non-believer as a spouse can be very challenging. If his life principles are not the principles of Jesus Christ, this will pose severe problems in the marriage.

How A Christian Wife Can Save Her Husband;

A Christian wife can save her husband if she loves him and has made his salvation her priority.

By every possible means, A Christian wife must ;

  • Understand the dangers her husband faces as an unbeliever.
  •  Consistently give him Godly advice.
  •  Be watchful for him.
  • Warn him about the dangers of living life without Christ.
  •  Prevent him from wandering far from the faith.
  • Encourage him so he might repent.
  • Make available a way of escape for him.
  • Be willing to Help him return to the Lord.
  • Put him in your prayers.
  • Live an exemplary life for him to emulate.

Can a Christian Wife Save Her Husband

How Does God Want You to Fulfil Your Responsibility of Saving Your Husband?

1. Recognise and Understand your calling

To become the help mate to your husband that God has destined, you must first understand God’s divine calling upon your life.

2. Be a  Virtuous partner

Becoming a virtuous woman of good moral character is paramount in becoming a suitable help mate for your spouse. To fulfill one’s role as a help mate to a spouse, godly character and moral strength that can only come from a personal relationship with the Lord is essential.

3. Submission is essential
Submission builds a chain of power, peace, and order in any organization, including the family. Between a husband and wife, there already exists a power struggle, so becoming submissive to your husband eliminates the power struggle and breeds excellent harmony in the relationship.

4. Take a servant’s position

Serving anyone in any capacity entails being a helper to them in every way. If a wife desires to help her husband fulfill his responsibilities as the head of the household, she must be like a servant to him. The husband is called to be a servant in his home, but he must take the leading servant position. A good marriage will be achieved if both husband and wife commit themselves to serving in their specific areas. The word of God says that ‘two persons will serve each other and the Lord and their families as a team.’

5. Become his companion

Without true friendship and companionship, a spouse may not trust you to help them, especially with their deepest needs which include spiritual, emotional, intellectual, verbal, recreational, parental, financial and sexual needs. When these needs are met, marriage grows stronger and stronger. 

6. Be a responsible home keeper

One of the primary responsibilities of a wife is to be a home keeper. A home keeper risks caring for and managing the home. Just as a husband is to work to provide for his family, so is a wife to care for her home. For a woman who works outside the home, this can be a very challenging task as she will be obligated to fulfill her responsibilities within the home, realizing that her family is her priority, seconded by her job.

These situations require the husband to come to his wife’s aid with household chores to lessen her burden. An essential component of a happy home is the delicate balancing act of assigning duties and serving one another. When both husband and wife set priorities according to God’s will, a peaceful, pleasing, and orderly home can be achieved. 

7. Respect your husband

It is essential to give the honor that is due to your husband because of his position in the family, just as you show respect for the position of anyone in authority. He is the head of the family and, thus, should be recognized as such.

In addition to making you defer to him when making decisions, respecting him will also make you speak to him politely in public and allow you to support his leadership while encouraging him in private. Despite having a non-Christian or spiritually carnal man as my husband, his respect shouldn’t be tampered with. Respect your husband if you want to be a helpmate who encourages his spiritual development. Berating, scolding, and yelling at him will not foster his leadership at home. Listen to his thoughts first, then explain yours.

If you want to give your husband sound advice, convey your thoughts with reason and encouragement. Speak softly and with utmost respect without making demands or commands. To disagree with your spouse or say your opinion is not proof of not being submissive. However,  this disagreement should be done politely.

7. Meet his sexual needs

Concerning the bedroom matters, God’s word is clear. Sex is supposed to be a way for you to demonstrate your affection and love for your husband. Only when the other spouse consents or agrees to the denial can husbands and wives refuse each other. As a result, you must agree on this highly personal matter. Furthermore, Paul cautions that denying your husband sex exposes him to greater Satanic temptation.

If his sexual needs are higher than yours, communicate them lovingly with him. Love will always find a way to reach an agreement on the frequency of sexual intercourse. Husbands and spouses must establish a loving compromise rather than dictating to one another.

If you genuinely love each other, you will always find a way to give, which is always the solution. Love will encourage the other spouse to take the initiative when there is no desire and will assist one partner in controlling their desires. Thereby meeting each other’s needs.
If he’s unable to meet your needs, don’t conceive the idea of not meeting his. Because of the stress and his sense of rejection, your relationship will only get worse. Instead, you should satisfy his sexual demands by discussing how he may satisfy yours. The Golden Rule from Matthew 7:12 states that “Whatever you wish men to do to you, also do to them”. It is a biblical concept that applies in this situation. Hence, You must do for your spouse the exact thing you want him to do for you.

Christians need outside assistance from places like the church and Bible study groups because, like all humans, they were not created to live in solitude. Marriage to a non-Christian does not alter the sacredness of the union; instead, every Christian should make it a priority to pray for their spouse and provide an example that will allow Christ’s light to shine through.


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