Dream About Being Choked By A Spirit

Most dreams we have could be our subconscious mind, relaying our fears and deeper thoughts, but in a case where you haven’t been afraid of thinking about spirits, and you dream about spirits choking you, your spirit guide is passing a message to you.

Dream about being choked by a spirit refers to sudden failure and setbacks in things you’re doing, you are stuck so much in your comfort zone, you will be gripped with sickness, and you should be wary of death, disappointment, and unfriendly friends.

Spirits choking you in your dream has nothing positive to it, and to negate its effect, you need to have a change in your life activities. The following read will help you interpret your dreams.

Dream about being choked by a spirit


Dream about being choked by a spirit depicts that you will experience a sudden failure in your business or a demotion in your workplace over what you can not necessarily explain because what is fighting you is beyond mere understanding.

It also means your relationships will begin to experience setbacks; you are being choked by the actions of your significant other or your partner is feeling choked about your actions. Whichever one it is, try and resolve and address it before it gets out of hand.

You will struggle to get anything right during this period; even minor things that you shouldn’t flop in, you will find yourself flopping.

So much comfort zone

Your spirit guide is warning you of so much comfort which will prevent you from making headway in life. You have become suddenly comfortable with what you’re earning–hoping for a retirement package, while your destiny has it that you will be an employer of labor.

Begin to search for and recognize opportunities that are lying around you; these opportunities could be as little as getting involved with recycling waste products or providing ding goods and services that are not naturally made available to you.


Dream about being choked by a spirit foretells a sudden illness that will gulp your finances, and yet there may be no cure in sight. To prevent this from happening, you need to take an applicator pepper, bring out its seeds and put four seeds in every corner of your room.

Dream About Being Choked By A Spirit

After having this dream, be aware that Someone you love so much will fall ill and possibly die; This could be your mother, spouse, friends, or kids. But it is avoidable, just share some relief packages with people who can’t afford them and this arrow of negativity will be sent away.


You will experience the physical death of a loved one if you dream about being chocked by a spirit. You only get to have these dreams because you’re more alert spiritually, and your spirit guide feels you can be of help to save the person who is supposed to die; ensure to pass the message of regular health checkups around.

Being choked in the dream means death to the source of your happiness. Things that make you happy will start dwindling. People that you had no issues with will just suddenly want to cut off communication and keep you at arm’s length.

If you start experiencing such in your life after having a dream about being choked by a spirit, get a piece of paper, write your full name, cover the paper in sugar or honey, and say loudly that your life will be just as sweet as sugar, and people will see you as sugar, and will not be able to do with you.

After having a dream about being Chocked in a dream by a spirit, you will experience spiritual death if you don’t do anything about it. Being dead spiritually means you won’t be able to have dreams, and you won’t be able to receive warnings before the mishaps take place.


Many deals or promotion which was set in stone will crumble suddenly if you dream about being choked by a spirit. The dream is just a relay of what has been done to you. An evil eye has been projected on you by someone who is jealous of you and wants you to experience disappointment in certain endeavors of your life.

The best way to avoid this is to start keeping your progress secret from people no matter how you feel you trust them. Don’t forget we can only see physical laughs and smile but not hearts.

Unfriendly friends

Be careful of people who laugh with you but don’t care about you for real. We can never know who cares for us since the human mind remains a mystery, but when we have a dream about being choked by a spirit, we should be wary of unfriendly friends( people who act as if they care, but will seize the slightest opportunity to ruin your life)

In all sincerity, you may not be able to discover such people, but you could take a few precautionary steps to take yourself of the undoing of the evil-minded. Keep your progress till it can’t be hidden again, and don’t be quick to show off or do anything that could fuel envy and jealousy.

You will likely get poisoned by someone close to you for a very stupid reason. They will not have been able to stand you as a result of things they feel you have better than them; physical beauty, height, or money. You shouldn’t isolate yourself, but be watchful.

Dream of a black shadow choking me

Being choked in the dram by a black shadow also reflects Depression and repressed emotions in your waking life. You are in a situation or a house where you’re not allowed to express yourself and it is eating deep inside you. Engage a therapist or feel free to write us.

Guilt and your past can also be represented by this dream, your past and things you’ve done keep hunting you since you can’t stop thinking about it, and your subconscious keeps playing out scenarios that reflect your thoughts.

Dream of being killed by a spirit

When you have dreams of being killed by a spirit it means physical death has been projected on you. You may likely develop a terminal illness that will lead to your death, but this sickness will be caused by you. If you drink, smoke, or take drugs excessively or use products that could be cancerous or you have a habit of not checking your health status from time to time, it could be used against you.

This death also affects your spirituality, rendering you an empty bucket spiritually.

Final thoughts

Having Dreams about being choked by a spirit can be a disturbing occurrence that could make you wake and keep trembling for a while, but being able to have dreams about such an occurrence shows you have the lower to stop the effect of the dream before it becomes manifest.

Spirit checking you in your dream represents death, loss, and general pain, but the actions you take today going forward will ensure that don’t take place. If you want a personalized dream interpretation, use the contact us page to send us a message.


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