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How To Get Your Name in the Book of Life

According to Revelation 20:15, the word of the lord says, “Anyone whose name is not written in the Book of Life was thrown into the lake of fire” (NIV).

Do you know who this scripture is talking about? You and every other believer out there. Note that the scripture uses Anyone and who’s name. Thus, it is talking about everyone.

In this article, we’ll explain all that you need to know on how to get your name written in the Book of Life.

Why Should My Name Be in the Book of Life?

The word of God proclaimed in Romans 3:23 that for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. Sin came into this world through Adam and Eve when they disobeyed God by eating the fruit from the Garden of Eden. Since we are all Adam and Eve’s descendants, every human born into this world inherited that sinful nature. That is why in the book of Ecclesiastes 7:20, the Bible explains that there is hardly any man on earth who does not do good and sin.

Apostle Paul mentioned that nothing good dwells in the flesh since we were born naturally as sinners. This is why it is so natural for humans to sin and disobey God. According to Jeremiah 17:9, the verse explains how desperately wicked the heart of a man is and that no one can know it.

Even 1 John 1:8 says that there is no truth in us or we are simply deceiving ourselves if we say we do not sin. Another explanation for this is that when you claim that you do not sin, you are calling God a liar.

In Romans 6:23 God says the wages of sin is death. God’s presence is an overwhelming holiness that can’t stand or overlook an iota of sin.

This created a big rift between God and man. And as such, man no longer had a close intimacy with God.

Nothing impure will ever enter it, nor will anyone who does what is shameful or deceit, but only those whose names are written in the Lamb’s book of life ( Revelation 21:27, NIV)

Regardless of how big or small your sin is. Sin is sin and our God doesn’t take pleasure or dwell in wickedness, even our sin. This is why, despite the ounce of goodness we think we have in us, it is but a filthy rag to God. In order to be pleasing to God, it is important that we make ourselves clean from the inside out. However, the truth remains that we can’t do this of our own accord.

Remember that only God has the authority to create a standard and ask that we abide by it.

How To Get Your Name in the Book of Life

Man’s sins needed to be taken away, to be paid for in full, in order for us to access God. This was why Jesus Christ came to die for mankind. His death and resurrection brought about the reconciliation between us and God. In other words, Jesus was the bridge that helped to reconnect us to God’s love.

According to the word of God, behold what manner of love the Father has bestowed on us that we should be called the sons of God. Indeed, there is no greater love than what God has for us. Can you let your own son lay down his life for another person?

Let me guess, your answer would be No! Right. Now, that was what God did for mankind. He sent his son to die for the world, and whosoever believes him, and accepts him will live forever through him. You are not just living eternally but you will also have direct Koinonia with God. Jesus is our mediator between us and God.

Oh! What an expression of love from this great God. He loves us so much that he would love to fellowship with us every time.

Want to get your name in the Book of Life? There are pretty simple steps that you need to take to make this happen. Let’s delve into these steps below.

How To Get Your Name in the Book of Life

According to John 3:3, Jesus told his disciples that unless a man is born again, he will not be able to see the kingdom of God. There, you just heard it. Get Born Again. The very first step to inscribing your name in the Book of Life is to get born again.

Being born again means accepting and affirming with your mouth that the Lord Jesus is your personal Lord and Savior. It also means that you believe that He died for our sins and was resurrected on the third day. Once you do this, you have the new nature of Christ in you. Congratulations, it means that you are now born again.

Let’s see what Jesus once said to Nicodemus – a popular religious leader and teacher of the Jews, about being born again.

Nicodemus was a very religious man who had come to see Jesus and heard him preach. He then asked Christ what he must do to see the kingdom of God. Jesus told him that unless a man was born again, he could not see the Kingdom of God. Nicodemus then asked if he needed to go into his mother’s womb the second time before he could become born again.

Jesus made it very clear that He wasn’t speaking of another physical birth through a woman but a New birth (a spiritual birth). He further added in John 3:6 that whosoever is born of the flesh is flesh and that whosoever is born of the Spirit is spirit.

And God Himself, the Father of light and love, did not send Jesus to the earth to judge us, but instead, he sent him to give us a new life, transcend us into the kingdom of love, and keep us in constant fellowship with him.

Note that in the Book of Corinthians, Jesus said that if any man is in Christ Jesus, He is a new creature; old things have passed away and have become new. When you give your heart to Christ ( get Born Again), your Adamic nature of sin goes away, and then you will have a newness of life (2 Corinthians 5:17). When you are truly Born Again, your name will instantly be inscribed in the Book of Life.

Even though Jesus has ascended into heaven to be with the Father, He is coming back again at an appointed time to judge the world. Have you ever wondered why there are several preachers today imploring people to repent from their evil ways and turn to God? This is to ensure that you receive eternal life and that your name is written in the Book of Life.

If you read through the  Book of Revelation, you will find out that those whose names were not written in the Book of Life on the last day were thrown into eternal damnation. Of what good is it if you enjoy the world and your name isn’t found in the Book of Life?

If you would love your name to be written in the Book of Life, make a daring decision to be Born Again today.


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