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What Is the Spirit of Divination?

Practitioners of divination believe that superhuman gods reveal the future to those trained to read and interpret sure signs and omens, which, they say, are communicated in various ways: by celestial phenomena (the position and movement of stars and planets, eclipses, meteors), by terrestrial physical forces (wind, storms, fire), by animal behavior (howling of dogs, flight of birds, movement of snakes), by patterns of tea leaves in cups, by oil configurations, By the direction falling arrows take, the appearance of sacrificed animals’ body parts (liver, lungs, entrails), the lines in the palm, the casting of lots, and the “spirits” of the dead.

What Does Divination Mean?

Divination means the act or practice of consulting the spirit world to inquire about the future of humans and know certain things that are hidden from human understanding. It is the skill of acquiring information or insights about the future or unknown using a variety of approaches. It may be found in cultures and belief systems worldwide and is commonly employed for personal direction, decision-making, and spiritual or intuitive knowledge.

Astrology, witchcraft, and the occult are examples of activities that demonstrate an interest in divination, also known as spiritism. People in various regions of the world use psychics or witch doctors to connect with evil spirits. Many people employ divination to predict the future. They gaze at the stars, search for omens, utilize a crystal ball, read someone else’s palm, or have their palm read.

What Is the Origin of Divination?

The birthplace of divination was Babylonia, the Chaldean homeland, from whence these divination techniques spread worldwide with the migration of humanity. (Genesis 11:8-9) One-fourth of the uncovered section of Ashurbanipal’s library is reported to include omen tablets that profess to interpret all the oddities noticed in the skies and on Earth, as well as all incidental and unintentional happenings in everyday life.

The decision to assault Jerusalem was decided only after King Nebuchadnezzar used divination, as it is written: “He has shaken the arrows.” He asked with the teraphim and examined the liver. In his right hand, the divination was for Jerusalem.”​—Eze 21:21- 22.

What Is the Spirit of Divination

According to the Bible, God created millions of spirit creatures, often known as angels, before he made the planet. (Job 38:4-7; Revelation 5:11) Each angel has free will—the power to choose between right and wrong. Some of them opted to rebel against God, abandoning their position in heaven to cause problems on Earth. As a result, the planet was “filled with violence.”—Genesis 6:2–5, 11; Jude 6. Such evil angels possess immense power and mislead millions. (Revelation 12:9.) They even use humanity’s innate curiosity in the future. —1 Samuel 28:5-7; 1 Timothy 4:1. These have made some humans begin to seek knowledge that is beyond and hidden from humans through various means.

What Is the Spirit of Divination?

The spirit of divination refers to a spiritual entity or energy associated with divination. When you are trying to investigate to discover things that are hidden from the physical realm, like dream meanings and connotations, soothsaying, sorcery, reading the stars, and defining the future of a newborn, you are said to be consulting the spirit of divination.

The word “spirit of divination” is used in the Bible, notably in the book of Acts (Acts 16:16-18), to describe an episode that included a slave girl. Her spirit allowed her to foretell the future, and her owners used her abilities for financial benefit. When apostle Paul saw Mary, he recognized the spirit as coming from an unclean source and told it to leave her, freeing her from its supernatural grip. This episode exemplifies the apostle Paul’s spiritual discernment and distinguishes between divination influenced by unclean spirits and God’s instruction through the Holy Spirit.

Dealing With the Spirit of Divination

In Christianity, it is essential to reject or renounce the influence of the spirit of divination while seeking spiritual protection from God, the creator. This might include prayers and fasting or seeking the advice of spiritual authorities. According to Leviticus 19:26-31, God’s word advised us not to practice divination or soothsaying. Likewise, in Deuteronomy 18:10-11, the bible forewarned that there should not be anyone among God’s people using any form of divination, charming instrument, or an observer of time. That’s why Paul and his companion rebuked and cast out the evil spirit from the young woman in Act 16:16-18.

What Is a Sin of Divination?

Divination is considered a sin. It is regarded as seeking direction or information from sources other than God, which contradicts faith in God’s sovereignty and wisdom. Divination can be viewed as a type of idolatry, as it places reliance on supernatural or occult techniques rather than on God. The Bible has multiple verses that prohibit or condemn divination, including Deuteronomy 18:10-12 and Leviticus 19:26.

Christians are urged to seek wisdom and direction via prayer, scripture study, and the guidance of the Holy Spirit rather than through prohibited methods. Anything that is not by, and hence opposite to, God’s personality, norms, ways, and will. Anything that harms one’s connection with God. It can be in speech (Job 2:10; Ps 39:1), deed (performing evil deeds – Leviticus 20:20; 2Corinthians 12:21 or neglecting to do what should be done – Numbers 9:13; James 4:17), or in thought or bad attitude. Therefore, as Christians, we are not advised to go contrary to God’s plan.

How To Be Delivered From the Spirit of Divination

If you make a conscious effort to fight against the spirit of divination, you are doing the right thing that will make God very proud of you, like Job in the bible. The very first step you need to take is to;

  • Confess your sins to God and turn around by doing away with your old personality and wearing a new personality. Seek the presence of God in earnest prayer and supplication so God can fill you again with his holy spirit.
  • Remove any object or substance that will make you consult the spirit of divination again. Read God’s word every day because his words will exert power. It will empower you to stand firm for God to train you according to his will.
  • Attend church regularly and fellowship with others to strengthen your faith and believe in God.
  • Believe that God is the beginning and the end, that he knows what the future holds for you. Just as he has promised that he will give an expected end.

Characteristics of the Spirit of Divination

Divination has many signs that can help you identify someone consulting the spirit medium.

  • Prediction: it defines people’s future, where a person is told what will happen in the future, either bright or not, and things the person needs to avoid in order to protect such future.
  • Signs and symbols: The practice of divination is often characterized by the interpretation of signs and symbols.
  • Divination entails determining occurrences’ underlying significance or causes using omens or visions.
  • Consultation of the ancestral spirit via omen and incantation to understand or alter one’s fate.


Consulting the spirit of divination is not a practice that a Christian, who I called by God’s name, should be involved in. It has to do with demonic practices, which has to do with consulting unclean spirits using various means.

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