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Why Do I Cry When I Worship God?

Worship liberates boundless emotions that cause the most diverse reactions—many cry when they worship God. Crying can result from great joy or bitterness; both reactions are good.  The most intriguing part is that when we pass through any of the responses, we’ll realize what is happening in our inner lives.

Crying when you worship God reflects your comprehension of God and all he has done for you in Christ. When you cry during worship to God, you attribute respect and reverence for the great things he has done in your life. While prayer is a condition of being loyal and reliant on God, having an understanding of the joy, love, peace, kindness, the healing he has made obtainable to you in Christ, for all he has done for you and how he has saved you from suffering and destruction in Christ are enough reasons to make you cry when you worship God.

The Influence of Worship and How It Can Benefit Our Life

We are intercepted into a strong fountain of strength and support when we worship God. Worship can help us to feel a stronger connection to God. It helps us find fortitude and to gain direction and clarity. Worship is a solid approach in times of need. When we make it a habit to worship God daily, it gives us peace and confidence to live our life gracefully, knowing that everything is in his control. 

Worship to God brings us peace and reassurance when passing through our lows. It is an assurance that we are not alone and deeply loved by God, who is much greater than us. Our burdens are lifted through worship. Worship can lead us to make positive decisions in our lives. It gives us the courage and ability to make adjustments to improve our lives. Worship changes your perspective, just like in the Bible; Isaiah realized and confessed his unclean nature. God then cleansed him and emboldened Isaiah to speak. He gained a new perspective, going from cautious to courageous. Isaiah 6:4-8.

The Different Types of Tears in the Bible

As the Bible states, tears carry spiritual meaning and are not just a physical form of emotion. In the Bible, there are different types of tears, each having meaning and purpose.

The most significant tears in the Bible are Tears of repentance, as observed in the story of King David. David wept bitterly after his affair with Bathsheba. His tears were genuine repentance and his pleas to be right with God anew. His tears led to his redemption and reconciliation with God. 

Why Do I Cry When I Worship God

Another instance of tears in the Bible is the Tears of sorrow. Jesus wept when he got the news of Lazarus’ death. His tears were not tears of repentance but sorrow and compassion for his friend and the agony his other friends were feeling. Tears of sorrow make it known that it is alright to mourn and grieve when we encounter loss and suffering. In the Bible, there are also tears of joy. The people of Israel wept tears of joy when they returned from exile. The tears came from a place of excitement.  They cried tears of joy when they saw the reconstruction of the temple. It showed appreciation and acknowledgment of God’s faithfulness and sustenance. 

The last is the tears of intercession. Nehemiah wept the tears of intercession and prayed for his city and its people after he heard of the broken walls of Jerusalem. His tears were shown to be a sign of concern and genuine affection for those suffering. Tears of intercession express the intensity of our emotions and our wish for God’s appeal when we bring our burdens and desires to him. We can see the power of the Holy Spirit in all of these types of tears working in us to give us restoration, conversion, and healing. 

Why Do I Cry When I Worship God?

A deep sadness

One of the reasons why people cry when they worship God is that worship allows you to express the sadness you feel. Due to our busy schedules, we don’t let our true feelings show outwardly. We are too busy trying to make ends meet; we’ve got bills to pay, children to care for, etc. We try as much to hide our emotions even at our lowest. Thankfully, we connect with God through worshiping him. It allows us to reveal our inner selves. Therefore, we will enable ourselves to pour out our hearts, expressing our sadness and crying. Crying is letting go because we feel good after crying. 

A cry of Joy

Some people shed tears of joy when worshiping God. It occurs because worship comes with a relief of all bad feelings. If you worship God all through your life, your bond with him will keep getting stronger as time goes by. We feel so much peace that when we worship God, we express our joy by crying to him. There’s this happiness that we feel afterward. We get satisfaction when we feel the presence of God during worship. It means we align with our faith in God; therefore, we should remain steadfast. 

The intervention of the holy spirit in our worship

When we worship God and cry, it is a depiction that the Holy Spirit is manifesting in us. The intervention of the Holy Spirit in our worship brings us close to God, and he besties his grace on us. We should, however, allow ourselves to cry as much as we want and then experience his work in our life. Hebrews 3 says, “If you hear his voice, harden not your heart.” It means that we must let the Holy Spirit manifest through us. A cry of intervention brings God to our aid, and he comforts our pain. 

The gift of tears

The Bible states in the book of Matthew, “Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted.” If you cry when you worship God, be rest assured that your tears move God. God knows of all that is bothering us and will comfort us. The Lord wants his children to live a life full of grace and which is why he’ll take away all our burdens. The Gift of Tears represents the infinite mercy of God, and we get that just crying when worshiping him. 

It brings us to repent 

We’re undeserving of God’s mercy because we’ve rebelled against his will and his word. We’ve gone astray that we are not worth the perfect love displayed by Jesus’s life. Worship songs and altar call tells us how everlasting God’s love for us is. It brings about the Godly sorrow that comes with confession and repentance. When we confess and turn away from sin, we are brought to light, and we are motivated by love for God and a sincere desire to obey His commandments.


Many still ponder the question: “Why do I cry when I worship God?” assuming this sensation is strange. The truth is that this sensation is not odd at all but is of the deep emotions that worship produces. When you cry when you worship God, allow yourself to tear up naturally because you will feel better afterward. God hears our cries, and he is inclined to us as his children. 


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