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What Enables Christians to Live a Godly Life

Living a Godly life is living a life that focuses on God rather than human interests. Our Lord Jesus Christ manifesting is the key to understanding the mystery of living a virtuous life. He has led a life oriented on God, and we find hope for living a Godly life.

When a person embraces Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, they begin the process of being sanctified, which enables Godly living and exhibits God’s nature; this is what makes us Christians. Given that no one is as flawless as God, the Holy Spirit resides inside us and aids in our efforts to exalt God through our actions. Make it your mission to grow more in the likeness of Christ by resisting the influence of sin and seeking what is right and pure in God’s eyes.

What Enables Christians to Live a Godly Life

A Godly life ultimately reflects the life that Jesus led. He is the only one on earth to have lived a flawless, blameless, and religious life before God the Father. Without him, we would have no chance of portraying godliness. To follow Jesus, we need the help of the holy spirit dwelling inside us and his word richly abiding in us. Anyone who has seen Jesus has also seen the Father (John 14:9); therefore, by seeking Him, we can discover more about God. We are enabled to live a Godly life as follows:

  1. A Godly Life Is a New Life

Leading a Godly life begins when we turn from sin and believe that Jesus’ death on the cross atoned for our transgressions. We then encounter the Holy Spirit that gives us a new life in Christ. That doesn’t mean that we would be devoid of sin, for 1 John 1:8 says, “If we say we are without sin, we fool ourselves, and the truth doesn’t abide in us.” A Godly life begins with an inward transformation that then fills the rest of our life outwardly. Through Christ’s atoning death on the cross for our sins, we have been received by God and are deemed holy (Hebrews 10:10). 

  1. The Way of the World No Longer Suits a Life of Godliness

“Don’t adhere to the worldly practices; instead, adjust by replenishing your mind (Romans 12:2). Then you’ll be able to accept and appreciate God’s will, which is his excellent and perfect will. A Godly lifestyle is a way of living that longs for the things of Christ rather than that of the world. A lifestyle that manifests the character of God. We neglect the things of this world and look into God when we admire the fear of God. We try to shun all the urge to desire things that are not from God so that it has no power over us. We desire to be more like him; therefore, our life begins to exemplify his marvelous work. In this way, we yearn to do things that pleases God. We abide by his steps, and he leads us through them. By doing this, we’re free from sinful thoughts and purified by His holiness.

  1. A Godly Life Enables Us Meditate on His Word(Psalm 63: 6-8)

What Enables Christians to Live a Godly Life

When you meditate on his word, your heart focuses on him. Worry drifts away from you when you begin to focus on God. It drives away all evil thoughts and contaminated feelings. Meditation allows us to hear God’s voice. Meditating on his word is essential for any Christian wanting to lead a Godly life. Devote yourself to working for him. Do things that are great in his sight. Doing this brings you closer to God and keeps you fresh.

How to Live a Godly Life

Leading a Godly life is impossible without our lord Jesus. We must come to know Jesus and the marvelous work he did on the cross just to set us free. The Holy Spirit transforms our hearts and thoughts. Without the change inherent in a believer’s new life, we cannot possibly hope to live a Godly life. “He has saved us and called us to a Godly life—not because of what we have or what we have done, but because of his purpose and grace,”-  2 Timothy 1:9–10. 

Christians can live this new life because of God’s purpose and grace. Nobody can affect this change independently; it is not within their power. He transforms only those who believe in him to be more like him by working within them. He reveals the reality of sins and the joyful saving power of Christ’s blood on the cross. He who conquered death and made life and eternity known to us through his word has now made the grace bestowed upon us in Christ Jesus before the foundation of the world known. As he transforms us into his followers, the transformation lasts for eternity.

Our greatest desire is to acknowledge both our sinful acts towards the only true God and to manifest righteousness that is revealed in the life, death, and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. This starts a life of Godliness and a perfect relationship with our God. If we portray this act, the world will see that we are true believers of Jesus within and outside the church, and we are people marked out to surrender and work His will in our lives.

The Foundation of a Godly Life

A Godly life is built on a religious foundation, a foundation fixed and embedded in the word of our lord Jesus Christ and his doctrines. To live a divine life, we must realize that our sin makes us deviate from God. It keeps us away from him. Sin makes us lose the joy salvation brings. It causes an internal conflict between Christ and us. Jesus, born in the flesh in a sinful world, bridges the separation gap between himself and humanity. He lived a life of perfection, without sin, and he took responsibility for the sins we committed that he died to save us all. Jesus took our sins, and in exchange, his righteousness was bestowed upon us. 

To lead the perfect Godly life before God was what Jesus Christ could do, which we could never do alone. We can only emulate his ways and abide by them. Achieving Godliness cannot be done merely by our might; we must stand firm with faith in His righteousness and devotion. Therefore, we become his children not just because of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross but also because of our faith and desire in him, “he has made perfect for life those who are being made holy” (Hebrews 10:14).


Submission to God’s will and perfection of his holy will is what Godly living is about. As much as we try, sometimes we won’t have it all together. We try to stay confident, but we keep feeling that we’ve lost hope. We serve a mighty God, and his grace is abundant in every circumstance. He knows how and when to intervene when we need him the most, and he will. If we exhibit a Godly lifestyle, he will make us strong in our weaknesses. Lastly, In our aim to live a Godly life, prayer is a great starting point.


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