How to Pray Against Principalities and Powers

In a spiritual sense, principalities and powers are spiritual forces that can have a negative impact on our lives. These forces can appear in various ways, including negative thoughts, events, and interpersonal relationships. The first step in effectively praying against principalities and powers is to recognize their presence and understand the extent of their influence.

Praying against principalities and powers is vital for achieving victory and freedom in our life. These spiritual forces can severely impact our health, relationships, finances, and well-being as a whole. Thus it is essential to pray against them and oppose their influence. This way, we get to experience God’s protection, peace, and provision.

In this post, we share tips on how to pray against principalities and powers. We will also talk about the importance of repentance, the breaking of generational curses, and donning the armor of God as preparation for prayer. In addition, we will cover several prayer tactics, such as proclaiming God’s Word, engaging in spiritual warfare, and engaging in continuous prayer and intercession.

Understanding The Spiritual Realm

Knowing the spiritual realm and the function of principalities and powers is necessary before we can begin to pray against them. There are two realms, according to the Bible: the physical realm and the spiritual sphere. The physical realm is the visible, touchable, and perceptible reality. The spiritual realm is the sphere of the spirit, and it is as real as the physical realm. There are angels and devils, principalities and powers, and other spiritual beings in this realm.

Whether we recognize it or not, the spiritual realm significantly impacts our lives. For instance, the Bible states that spiritual powers impact our thoughts and emotions (2 Corinthians 10:5). This implies that our thoughts and emotions can be influenced by external influences, which can greatly impact our behavior and decisions.

When we pray against principalities and powers, we engage in a spiritual battle. We are taking a stand against powers that seek to dominate or manipulate us, proclaiming Christ as our victory. Thus, we can experience freedom and victory in our lives and live in a way that glorifies God.

Preparing to Pray Against Powers and Principalities

How to Pray Against Principalities and Powers

A. Cleaning up your life

  • Repenting of sin: Before we can effectively pray against principalities and powers, it’s vital to address any sin in our life. This involves recognizing our fault, seeking forgiveness from God and those we have hurt and making a deliberate attempt to walk away from sin. When we repent of our sin, we break sin’s hold and position ourselves for triumph.
  • Breaking generational curses: Breaking any generational curses that may be hurting us is another vital step in preparing to pray against principalities and powers. Generational curses are bad behavior patterns or situations transmitted from one generation to another. By breaking these curses, we can break the cycle of negativity and move on to a positive path.

B. Putting on God’s armor

To be fully prepared for spiritual battle, the Bible instructs us to put on the whole armor of God (Ephesians 6:10-18). The armor of God is a metaphor for the spiritual weapons we have available to combat principalities and powers. To put on the armor of God, we must know what each piece represents and how to wear it.

  • Belt of truth: The belt of truth symbolizes the truth of God’s word, which forms the basis of our faith. To wear the belt of truth, we must study the Bible and allow its teachings to affect our views and thoughts.
  • Breastplate of righteousness: The breastplate of righteousness depicts the righteousness we have in Christ. To put on the breastplate of righteousness, we must trust in Jesus’ completed work on the cross and allow his righteousness to cover us.
  • Feet equipped with the readiness that the gospel of peace imparts: The readiness that results from the gospel of peace symbolizes our peace in Christ and our willingness to share the gospel with others. To put on this piece of armor, we must cultivate inner peace and be prepared to share the gospel of Jesus with others.
  • Shield of faith: The shield of faith symbolizes our confidence in God and our ability to deflect enemy attacks. To wear the shield of faith, we must place our trust in God and his promises despite difficult situations.
  • Helmet of salvation: The helmet of salvation depicts our faith in Christ and the mental protection it provides. To put on the helmet of salvation, we must concentrate on our hope in Christ and permit it to shield our thoughts and attitudes.
  • Sword of the spirit: The power of God’s word is symbolized by the sword of the spirit. To equip ourselves with the sword of the spirit, we must study the Bible and let its teachings guide our actions.

Understanding Our Authority in Christ

Another crucial component of preparing to pray against principalities and powers is recognizing the authority Christ has given us. As followers of Jesus, we have been given the authority over all the power of darkness (Luke 10:19). This means that we can resist the enemy and remain steadfast in our faith, even in the face of difficult obstacles. To use this authority, we must recognize that we are not battling against flesh and blood but rather against spiritual forces of evil (Ephesians 6:12). When we pray against principalities and powers, we exercise the authority Christ has given us to withstand the enemy and sustain victory in our lives.

How to Pray Against Principalities and Powers

A. Proclaiming God’s Word

  • Utilizing biblical affirmations: One powerful method of praying against principalities and spirits is to speak God’s Word over one’s life. This involves employing scriptural affirmations to communicate God’s truth into your circumstances and resisting the lies of the enemy. For instance, if you’re confronting a health-related difficulty, you can say, “By his stripes I am healed” (Isaiah 53:5) or “I am the head and not the tail, above and not below” (Deuteronomy 28:13).
  • Proclaiming God’s promises: In addition to praying against principalities and powers, you can also proclaim God’s promises over your life. This involves proclaiming God’s promises pertaining to your circumstances, such as health, financial provision, and protection. For instance, you could proclaim the verses “No weapon formed against me shall prosper” (Isaiah 54:17) or “God will provide for all my needs according to his glorious resources” (Philippians 4:19)

B. Engaging in spiritual warfare

  • Binding and loosening: Spiritual warfare involving binding and losing is another component of praying against principalities and forces. Binding entails proclaiming that the enemy’s power is limited and that it has no effect on your life. Declaring that God’s power has been released in your life and is able to deliver freedom and triumph constitutes loosening.
  • Rejecting the forces of evil: Rebuking the forces of darkness is an additional spiritual combat tactic. This requires stating that the enemy has no authority over you and speaking out against him. For instance, you could say, “In the name of Jesus, I rebuke the powers of darkness and declare they have no control over my life.”
  • Persistence in prayer and intercession: Lastly, for effective prayer against principalities and forces, it is necessary to participate in constant prayer and intercession. This requires taking the time to pray on a regular basis, asking God to protect you and deliver you freedom and triumph. It also involves interceding for others, praying for them, and declaring God’s truth over their lives. When we continually pray and intercede for others, we position ourselves for victory and demonstrate our faith in God’s ability to overcome the enemy’s power.


This article has explored the significance of praying against principalities and powers, as they are spiritual forces that can negatively affect our life. We encourage you to embark upon your own journey of prayer against principalities and powers. Remember that prayer is an effective tool for combating principalities and powers.

When we pray, we access God’s power and demonstrate our faith in his ability to vanquish the adversary. Remember that praying against principalities and powers is not a one-time event but rather an ongoing process that requires perseverance, patience, and faith. Lastly, always have faith in God’s power and love, knowing that he is always with you and has your best interests in mind.


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